Introduction to Joshua Chapter 24

This chapter gives us an account of another summons of the tribes of Israel by Joshua, who obeyed it, and presented themselves before the Lord at Shechem, Joshua 24:1; when Joshua in the name of the Lord rehearsed to them the many great and good things the Lord had done for them, from the time of their ancestor Abraham to that day,

Joshua 24:2; and then exhorted them to fear and serve the Lord, and reject idols, Joshua 24:14; and put them upon making their choice, whether they would serve the true God, or the gods of the Canaanites; and they choosing the former, he advised them to abide by their choice,

Joshua 24:15; and made a covenant with them to that purpose, and then dismissed them, Joshua 24:25; and the chapter is concluded with an account of the death and burial of Joshua and Eleazar, and of the interment of the bones of Joseph, Joshua 24:29.