Introduction to Leviticus Chapter 14

This chapter treats of the purification of lepers, and the rules to be observed therein; and first what the priest was to do for his cleansing when brought to him, by making use of two birds, with cedar wood, scarlet and hyssop, as directed, Leviticus 14:1; what he was to do for himself, shaving off all his hair, and washing his flesh and clothes in water, Leviticus 14:8; the offerings to be offered up for him, two he lambs and one ewe lamb, and a meat offering, with a particular account of the use of the blood of the trespass offering, and of oil put upon the tip of his right ear, the thumb of his right hand, and the great toe of his right foot, Leviticus 14:10; but if poor, only one lamb was required, a meat offering of one tenth deal, and two turtle doves or two young pigeons, and blood and oil used as before, Leviticus 14:21; next follow an account of leprosy in an house, and the signs of it, and the rules to judge of it, Leviticus 14:33; and the manner of cleansing from it, Leviticus 14:49; and the chapter is closed with a recapitulation of the several laws concerning the various sorts of leprosy in this and the preceding chapter, Leviticus 14:54.