Introduction to Leviticus Chapter 13

In this chapter an account is given of the various sorts of leprosy, and the rules by which they were to be judged of, Leviticus 13:1 of the bright spot and scab, Leviticus 13:4 of the rising or swelling,

Leviticus 13:9 of the bile or hot ulcer, Leviticus 13:18 of the hot burning or inflammation, Leviticus 13:24 of the plague of the scall,

Leviticus 13:29 of bright spots or blisters, Leviticus 13:38 and of shedding the hair, and baldness, Leviticus 13:40 of what the leper was to do, and to be done unto, Leviticus 13:45 of the leprosy in garments made of linen, woollen, or of skin, Leviticus 13:47.