Introduction to Hosea Chapter 9

This chapter is an address to Israel or the ten tribes, and contains either a new sermon, or is a very considerable part of the former upon the same subject, the sins and punishment of that people. It begins with an instruction to them, not to rejoice in their prosperity, as others did; since it would soon be at an end, because of their idolatry, which was everywhere committed, and for which they expected a reward of temporal good things, Hosea 9:1; but, on the contrary, they are threatened with famine, with want both of corn and wine, Hosea 9:2; and with an ejection out of their land into foreign countries; where they should be obliged to eat things unclean by their law, Hosea 9:3; and where their sacrifices and solemnities should be no more attended to, Hosea 9:4; yea, where their carcasses should fall and be buried, while their own country and houses lay waste and desolate, Hosea 9:6; for, whatsoever their foolish and mad prophets said to the contrary, who pretended to be with God, and know his will, and were a snare to them that gave heed unto them, and brought hatred on them, the time of their punishment would certainly come, Hosea 9:7; and their iniquities would be remembered and visited; seeing their corruptions were deep, like those that appeared in Gibeah, in the days of old, Hosea 9:9; they acting the same ungrateful part their fathers had done, of whom they were a degenerate offspring, Hosea 9:10; wherefore for these, and other offences mentioned, they are threatened with being bereaved of their children, and drove out of their land, to wander among the nations, Hosea 9:11.