Introduction to Ezekiel Chapter 17

Under the simile of two eagles and a vine are represented the kings of Babylon and Egypt, and the condition of the Jews, who are threatened with ruin for their perfidy; and yet a promise is made of the raising up of the house of Judah, and family of David, in the Messiah. The prophet is bid to deliver a riddle or parable to the house of Israel,

Ezekiel 17:1. The riddle or parable is concerning two eagles and a vine, which is delivered, Ezekiel 17:3; and the explanation of it is in

Ezekiel 17:11; and then the destruction of the Jews is threatened for their treachery to the king of Babylon, Ezekiel 17:16; and the chapter is closed with a promise of the Messiah, and the prosperity of his kingdom, Ezekiel 17:22.