Introduction to Jeremiah Chapter 50

This and the following chapter contain a long prophecy concerning the destruction of Babylon; and which is expressed in such language, that it may be, and is to be, accommodated to the destruction of mystical Babylon; and several passages in the book of the Revelation are borrowed from hence; and it is intermixed with promises and prophecies of the deliverance of God's people from thence, and of the conversion of the Jews, and the restoration of them to their own which will be at that time; see Jeremiah 50:4. The destruction of Babylon in general is proclaimed and declared, and the manner and cause of it,

Jeremiah 50:1; then the enemies of Babylon are stirred up and animated to proceed against her, and execute the judgments of God upon her,

Jeremiah 50:14. Next follows the Lord's controversy with her, because of her pride and oppression of his people; and threatens her with the sword, drought, and utter destruction, Jeremiah 50:31; and then a description is given of her enemies, that should be the instruments of her destruction, Jeremiah 50:41; and the chapter is closed with observing, that this is all according to the counsel and purpose of God, Jeremiah 50:45.