Introduction to Genesis Chapter 35

This chapter gives an account of Jacob's going to Bethel, and building an altar there by the order and direction of God, Genesis 35:1, where Deborah, Rebekah's nurse, died and was buried, Genesis 35:8, and where God appeared to Jacob, confirmed the new name of Israel he had given him, and renewed to him the promises of the multiplication of his seed, and of their inheriting the land of Canaan, Genesis 35:9; all which is gratefully acknowledged by Jacob, who erected a pillar in the place, and called it Bethel, in memory of God's gracious appearance to him there, Genesis 35:14; from hence he journeyed towards his father's house, and on the way Rachel his wife fell in travail, and bore him a son, and died, and was buried near Ephrath, Genesis 35:16; near this place Reuben committed incest with Bilhah, Genesis 35:22, and the names of the twelve sons of Jacob are given, Genesis 35:23; and the chapter is closed with an account of Jacob's arrival at his father's house, of the death of Isaac, and of his burial at the direction of his two sons,

Genesis 35:27.