Introduction to Genesis Chapter 23

This chapter treats of the age, death, and funeral of Sarah, and the place of her interment: of her age, Genesis 23:1; of her death,

Genesis 23:2; of the motion Abraham made to the sons of Heth, to obtain a burial place among them, Genesis 23:3; of the answer of them to him, giving him leave to bury in any of their sepulchres, Genesis 23:5; of a second motion of his to them, to use their interest with Ephron the Hittite, to let him have the cave of Machpelah for the above purpose,

Genesis 23:7; of Ephron's consent unto it, Genesis 23:10; of the purchase Abraham made of it for four hundred shekels of silver,

Genesis 23:12; and of its being secured unto him, which he interred Sarah his wife, Genesis 23:17.