Joshua 18:25

Gibeon, and Ramah, and Beeroth,

Gibeon,.... Gibeon is the place from whence the Gibeonites came, who deceived Joshua, Joshua 9:3. Jerom says {p}, in his time there was a village shown of this name, four miles from Bethel to the east, near Ramah, next mentioned;

and Ramah, which Jerom relates {q} was six miles from Aelia or Jerusalem to the north, against Bethel. Rauwolff, a traveller in those parts, says {r}, that the town of Rama is situated on an ascent, in plain fields, which extend themselves for two leagues to the hill of the city of Jerusalem; these fields are very fruitful and well tilled, and sown with corn, cotton, and Indian millet; the town is pretty large, but very open, like unto a village, very pitifully built, where one may still see here and there some signs of old buildings;

and Beeroth was a city that belonged to the Gibeonites, Joshua 9:17; and Jerom says {s}, in his time was shown the village, seven miles from Aelia or Jerusalem, as you go to Neapolis or Shechem.

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