Philippians 4:16

For even in Thessalonica ye sent once and again unto my necessity.

For even in Thessalonica,.... When the apostle was there; for from Philippi he went to Thessalonica; see Acts 17:1;

ye sent once and again unto my necessity; for his use and service, to support him while he was at that place, and relieve and assist him in his necessities; for the people at Thessalonica were either not able to communicate, or were not of a beneficent disposition, or the apostle did not care to be chargeable to them; and they seem many of them to have been idle and lazy, and therefore he wrought among them with his own hands to set them an example; and the Philippians hearing and knowing that this was the case, sent frequently, while he was here, some of the brethren with gifts unto him.