Proverbs 8:25

Before the mountains were settled, before the hills was I brought forth:

Before the mountains were settled,.... "Plunged" {l}, or fixed in the earth; and which was done by the great strength of the Lord, upon their proper bases, Psalms 65:6; and which were "aborigine", or from the beginning of the world, and therefore called the ancient mountains, Deuteronomy 33:15; to be Before the mountains is a periphrasis of eternity, and is a phrase expressive of God's eternity; and being here used of the Son's, shows his eternity is the same with his Father's,

Psalms 90:2;

Before the hills was I brought forth; which is repeated partly to show the importance of it; this being a matter of infinite moment and concern, and deserving of the strictest attention and observation; and partly to show the certainty of it; the eternal generation of Christ being an article of faith most surely to be believed.

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