Proverbs 17:26

Also to punish the just is not good, nor to strike princes for equity.

Also to punish the just is not good,.... It is evil, and an abomination to the Lord, Proverbs 17:15. Evildoers indeed should be punished; but to punish the righteous also, as well as them, is far from being commendable;

nor to strike princes for equity: to strike princes, judges, civil magistrates, for doing the duty of their place and office, for doing that which is just and equitable among men, is very criminal, who ought to be encouraged and supported therein. Or it may be rendered, nor "that princes should strike for that which is right" {b} or cause men to be stricken, scourged, and whipped for doing well. The Targum is,

"nor to smite the righteous, who say right things;''

and so the Syriac version renders it, "righteous ones"; and the word signifies ingenuous liberal persons, good men, such as princes are or ought to be; and who should neither be stricken in the due discharge of their office, nor strike others that do well.

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