Psalm 80:2

Before Ephraim and Benjamin and Manasseh stir up thy strength, and come and save us.

Before Ephraim, Benjamin, and Manasseh, stir up thy strength,.... Which Christ did in the public ministry of the word, speaking as one having authority, and not as the Scribes and Pharisees; and in the performance of miracles, openly, and in the sight of all; and in his sufferings and death for the salvation of his people; in which he appeared to be the mighty God, travelling in the greatness of his strength, and mighty to save. These tribes design all Israel, before whom the above things were done; and the allusion is to these three tribes marching immediately after the Kohathites, who carried the ark on their shoulders in journeying, Numbers 2:17 which is called the Lord's strength, and the ark of his strength,

Psalms 78:61. The Targum in the king's Bible reads, to the children of Ephraim, &c. reading ynbl instead of ynpl; see the Masorah, and Proverbs 4:3,

and come and save us; come from heaven to earth, not by change of place, but by assumption of nature; this was promised and expected, and is here prayed for; Christ is now come in the flesh, which to deny is antichristian; and his end in coming was to save his people from their sins, from the curse and condemnation of the law, and wrath to come; and as he came on this errand, he is become the author of eternal salvation, in working out which he has shown his great strength.