Psalm 73:7

Their eyes stand out with fatness: they have more than heart could wish.

Their eyes stand out with fatness,.... Or their face, the eyes being put for the whole face; so the Targum,

"their face is changed, because of fatness;''

see Job 15:27, otherwise through fatness the eyes are almost enclosed: or "it goes forth out of the fatness of their eyes" {i}; that is, either "pride", which shows itself in haughty looks and scornful airs, through the abundance possessed; or "violence", seen in the fierceness of the eyes, and fury of the countenance; or "their eyes go out through fatness" {k} that is, through the plenty they enjoy, their eyes go out in lust after lawful objects:

they have more than heart could wish; that they themselves could have wished for heretofore, though not now; for what is it that a worldly covetous heart cannot and does not wish for? if it had all the world, it would not satisfy it: or "the imaginations of the heart go on" {l}; that is, after more, not being content with such things as they have; or "they", i.e. their pride and violence,

exceed the imaginations of the heart {m}; they are more than can be conceived of, they overpass the deeds of the wicked, Jeremiah 5:28 or "they transgress by the imaginations of the heart" {n}; which are evil, and that continually.

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