Psalm 71:14

But I will hope continually, and will yet praise thee more and more.

But I will hope continually,.... For deliverance and salvation from present outward troubles, for; more grace here and glory hereafter: it is the excellency of the grace of hope to be exercised in times of affliction and distress, and with Abraham to believe in hope against hope; and then it is that this grace is eminently and remarkably useful: it is an anchor to the soul when in distress, which keeps it firm and steadfast; and an helmet, which covers the head in the day of battle; in the exercise of which the believer glories in tribulation: it is an abiding grace, and should be continually exercised by those that have it, which is to abound in it; but this must be through the power of the Holy Ghost, Romans 15:13;

and will yet praise thee more and more; or "will add to all thy praise" {b}; to former praises and thanksgivings, fresh ones, as his mercies were renewed to him, and he was daily loaded with benefits.

{b} Ktlht lk le ytpowhw "omnibus laudibus tuis adjiciam", Tigurine version.