Psalm 68:20

He that is our God is the God of salvation; and unto GOD the Lord belong the issues from death.

He that is our God,.... Or "God for us" {q}; is on our side; and is the mighty God, able to save to the uttermost;

is the God of salvation; or "God for salvations" {r}; for the obtaining of them for his people, and giving them to them, even of every kind;

and unto GOD the Lord belong the issues from death; deliverance from it; Christ has abolished it, and him that had the power of it; has delivered himself from it, and will deliver all his people from it, though they become subject to it, as well as from eternal death; for he has the keys of hell and death in his hands. Some render the words, "to God the Lord belong the issues", or "ways unto death" {s}; he has various ways of bringing persons to death, of destroying his and his people's enemies; and so Jarchi, Aben Ezra, and Kimchi interpret it; though the following words seem to be opposed to these: the Heathens had a notion that the power of death belonged to God; hence they had a deity called the god of death, "Dites" {t}.

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