Psalm 38:22

Make haste to help me, O Lord my salvation.

Make haste and help me,.... Or, "for my help"; his case required haste, and God does help his people when none else can, and that right early;

O Lord, my salvation; by which it appears that his prayer was a prayer of faith; he saw that his salvation was in the Lord, and in no other; and though he had been and was in such a low condition, both in soul and body, yet his faith was not lost; that is an abiding grace, and will continue under the influence of the author and finisher of it, until the end of it is received, the salvation of the soul. R. Moses {r} thinks the phrase "make haste" is to be repeated here, and read thus, "make haste, O Lord, to my salvation".

{r} In Aben Ezra & R. Joseph Kimchi in R. David Kimchi in loc.