Psalm 105:40

The people asked, and he brought quails, and satisfied them with the bread of heaven.

The people asked, and he brought quails,.... The Targum is,

"they asked flesh, and he brought quails,''

or pheasants; some render it partridges, others locusts: that is, the people of Israel asked flesh of the Lord, and he gave them quails; which he did twice, first at the same time the manna was first given,

Exodus 16:13, and some years after that a second time, when the wrath of God came upon them and slew them while their meat was in their mouths,

Numbers 11:31, it is the first time that is here referred to, since it is mentioned among the benefits and blessings bestowed upon them; this was typical of the spiritual meat believers eat of, even the flesh of Christ, whose flesh is meat indeed. The quail was a fat and fleshy bird, delicious food, sent from heaven in the evening; so Christ came from heaven in the evening of the world, and gave his flesh for the life of his people, and on which they live by faith.

and satisfied them with the bread of heaven: the manna, called the corn of heaven; a type of Christ the hidden manna, who is soul satisfying food to believers; See Gill on "Psalms 78:24",

See Gill on "Psalms 78:25".