Psalm 105:19

Until the time that his word came: the word of the LORD tried him.

Until the time that his word came,.... Either the word of Joseph, interpreting the dreams of the butler and baker, till that came to be fulfilled; so the Syriac version, "till his word was proved by the event": or rather till the fame and report of that came to Pharaoh's ears, Genesis 41:13, or else the word of the Lord, concerning his advancement and exaltation, signified in dreams to him,

Genesis 37:7, as it follows:

the word of the LORD tried him: it tried his faith and patience before it was accomplished; and when it was, it purged him and purified him, as silver in a furnace, and cleared him of the imputation and calumny of his mistress; for, even in the view of Pharaoh, he appeared to be a man in whom the Spirit of God was, Genesis 41:38. Some think that Christ, the essential Word, is intended, who came and visited him, tried and cleared him.