2 Samuel 16:15

And Absalom, and all the people the men of Israel, came to Jerusalem, and Ahithophel with him.

And Absalom, and all the people, the men of Israel, came to Jerusalem,.... At the same time that David and his people came to Bahurim; which, as Josephus {z} says, was a place near to Jerusalem; and, according to Bunting {a}, was little more than a mile from it; though elsewhere {b} he makes it three miles; so that had not David made the hasty flight he did, he had fallen into the hands of Absalom:

and Ahithophel with him: a famous counsellor, and who had been of David's privy council, and chief in it, see 2 Samuel 15:12 and whom David refers to in Psalms 55:12.

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