Introduction to 1 Samuel Chapter 9

This chapter gives an account of Saul, the person the Lord had appointed to be king of Israel; it relates his descent, and describes his person, 1 Samuel 9:1 and how seeking his father's asses, which were lost, he providentially came to the place where Samuel dwelt, 1 Samuel 9:3 and being advised by his servant, and approving of his advice, he concluded to go to him, and inquire the way he should go, 1 Samuel 9:6 and being directed by some young maidens, they found him presently in the street going to a feast, 1 Samuel 9:11 and Samuel having some previous notice from the Lord of such a person's coming to him that day, when he met him invited him to dine with him, and obliged him to stay with him that day, 1 Samuel 9:15 satisfied him about his asses, and gave him a hint of the grandeur he was to be raised to, to which Saul made a modest reply, 1 Samuel 9:20 and Samuel treated him at the feast in a very respectable manner, 1 Samuel 9:22 and privately communed with him of things preparatory to what he was about to make known unto him, 1 Samuel 9:25.