Introduction to 1 Samuel Chapter 12

In this chapter Samuel, resigning the government to Saul, asserts the integrity with which he had performed his office, and calls upon the people of Israel to attest it, who did, 1 Samuel 12:1, he then reminds them of the great and good things the Lord had done for them in times past, 1 Samuel 12:6 and whereas they had desired a king, and one was given them, it was their interest to fear and serve the Lord; if not, his hand would be against them, 1 Samuel 12:10 he terrifies them by calling for thunder in an unusual time, 1 Samuel 12:16 and then comforts and encourages them, that in doing their duty God would be with them, and not forsake them, otherwise they might expect nothing but ruin and destruction, 1 Samuel 12:20.