Introduction to Judges Chapter 8

In this chapter we are told how Gideon pacified the Ephraimites, who complained because they were not sent unto to fight the Midianites, Judges 8:1 how he pursued the Midianites, until he took their two kings, and on his return chastised the men of Succoth and Penuel, because they refused to relieve his men with food as they were pursuing, Judges 8:4 how he slew the two kings of Midian, Judges 8:18 and after this conquest refused to take the government of Israel when offered him, Judges 8:22 how he requested of the Israelites the earrings they had taken from the Midianites, with which he in weakness made an ephod, which proved a snare to his house, Judges 8:24 how that the people were in peace forty years during his life, and that he had a numerous issue, and died in a good old age, Judges 8:28 but that after his death the Israelites fell into idolatry, and were ungrateful to his family, Judges 8:33.