Introduction to Judges Chapter 20

This chapter relates, how that there was an assembly of the children of Israel at Mizpeh, upon what had happened to the concubine of the Levite, where he appeared and related the whole affair to them,

Judges 20:1 upon which they unanimously agreed to chastise the inhabitants of Gibeah for what they had done, Judges 20:8, and in order to do that sent to the tribe of Benjamin to deliver the guilty, but instead of that they took to their arms, and prepared for battle in defence of them, Judges 20:12 and two battles ensued on this, in which the Israelites, who were on the right side of the question, were worsted,

Judges 20:18 but upon their seeking the Lord again, and their humiliation before him, they engaged a third time in battle, and got an entire victory over the Benjaminites, and destroyed them all excepting six hundred men, Judges 20:26.