Introduction to Revelation Chapter 7

This chapter contains a vision seen at the end of the sixth, and at the opening of the seventh seal, which expresses the security of the saints in all ages following, the praises of angels and men on that account, and the happiness of all the people of God in the millennium state. First, a vision of four angels is seen restraining the winds from blowing on the earth, sea, and trees, Revelation 7:1; then of another angel, described by the place from whence he came, the east; by what he had, the seal of the living God, and by his cry to the four angels not to hurt the earth, sea, and trees, until the servants of God were sealed, Revelation 7:2, and then follows the number of the sealed ones in general, Revelation 7:4, and the particular number of them out of each tribe of Israel, Revelation 7:5. After which is another vision of all the elect of God together, described by the numberless multitude of them; by their descent from all nations; by their position and situation before the throne, and the Lamb; by their habit and attire, and by their loud cry, ascribing salvation to God, and to the Lamb, Revelation 7:9, who are joined by all the angels around them, worshipping God, and ascribing glory to him, Revelation 7:11. And next is described the happiness of this numerous company, in the thousand years' reign, introduced by some discourse which passed between John, and one of the elders, Revelation 7:13, who are said to be before the throne, to serve God continually, and to have his presence, Revelation 7:15, to be free from everything troublesome and distressing, Revelation 7:16, and to be fed by the Lamb, and to be led by him to fountains of living water, and to have all their tears wiped away from them, Revelation 7:17.