Introduction to Numbers Chapter 26

In this chapter an order is given to number the people of Israel a second time, Numbers 26:1 and the account begins with Reuben, the firstborn, and the families that sprung from him, and the number of them, Numbers 26:5 and Dathan and Abiram being of this tribe, the affair of them and Korah is afresh related, Numbers 26:8, then the tribe of Simeon, its families and number, Numbers 26:12, next the tribe of Gad, and their families and number, Numbers 26:15, after that the tribe of Judah, its families and number, Numbers 26:19 then follows the tribe of Issachar, its families and number, Numbers 26:23, next to that the tribe of Zebulun, its families and number, Numbers 26:26 then the sons of Joseph, and first Manasseh, his families and number,

Numbers 26:28 and then the tribe of Ephraim, its families and number, Numbers 26:35, after that the tribe of Benjamin, its families and number, Numbers 26:38 next the tribe of Dan, its families and number, Numbers 26:42 and which is followed by the tribe of Asher, its families and number, Numbers 26:44, and the muster is closed with the tribe of Naphtali, its families and number,

Numbers 26:48, and the sum total of all the numbers is given,

Numbers 26:51 and then follows another order to divide the land of Canaan by lot, when conquered, to the several tribes, according to their names and number, Numbers 26:52 and an account is given of the number of the Levites and their families, their number being taken not with the other tribes, but by themselves, and which is summed up, Numbers 26:57 and the chapter is concluded with observing, that it appeared upon this numbering of the people, that there were but two persons living of those that were first numbered among the children of Israel,

Numbers 26:63.