Introduction to Numbers Chapter 15

In this chapter the children of Israel are instructed about the meat offerings and drink offerings, and the quantities of them, which were always to go along with their burnt offerings and peace offerings they should offer when they came into the land of Canaan, Numbers 15:1; and they are told that the same laws and ordinances would be binding equally on them that were of the country, and on the strangers in it,

Numbers 15:13; and an order is given them to offer a cake of the first dough for an heave offering, Numbers 15:17; and they are directed what sacrifices to offer for sins of ignorance, both of the congregation and particular persons, Numbers 14:22; but as for presumptuous sinners, they were to be cut off, Numbers 14:30; and an instance is recorded of stoning a sabbath breaker, Numbers 14:32; and the chapter is concluded with a law for wearing fringes on the borders of their garments, the use of which is expressed, Numbers 14:35.