Introduction to Numbers Chapter 1

In this chapter orders are given to Moses to take the number of the children of Israel, from twenty years old and upwards, Numbers 1:1; and the men that were to assist in this work, one of each tribe are mentioned by name, Numbers 1:4; all which was accordingly done, Numbers 1:17; and the particular numbers of each tribe are recorded, as they were taken, Numbers 1:20; and the sum total is given, Numbers 1:45; the Levites being excepted, who were employed about the tabernacle, and so not to be employed in military service, Numbers 1:47; they encamped about that, while the Israelites pitched their tents every man by his own camp and standard, Numbers 1:52.

{a} Apud Euseb. Hist. Ecclesiast. l. 6. c. 25.