Introduction to Zechariah Chapter 14

This chapter treats of the coming of Christ with all his saints, and his personal appearance among them; and of the signs of the times before that; and of what shall befall the enemies of the church, both open and secret; and of the happy state and condition of the church itself. First there will be a time of great affliction to the people of God,

Zechariah 14:1, when the Lord will appear and fight for them, and will appear to them, and with them, Zechariah 14:3 but before this time it will be an uncommon season, neither day nor night; at the close of which, light will break forth, Zechariah 14:6 the Gospel will be spread far and near, attended with the Spirit and grace of God in great plenty,

Zechariah 14:8 which will bring on the spiritual reign of Christ over all the earth, Zechariah 14:9 particularly the land of Judea, and the city of Jerusalem, shall be inhabited by men with safety, Zechariah 14:10 and all those that oppose and fight against the Lord's people shall be destroyed, partly by an immediate plague from the Lord upon them, and partly by the hands of one another, and also by the saints of the most High; and the plague shall not only be upon their persons, but upon their cattle likewise, Zechariah 14:12 and as for those that profess the Christian name, and yet neglect or refuse to worship the Lord in a spiritual and evangelical manner, there shall be no rain upon them,

Zechariah 14:17 and as for the church and people of God, there shall be universal holiness among them, and not a single Canaanite to be found in the midst of them, Zechariah 14:20.