Introduction to Micah Chapter 7

This chapter begins with a lamentation of the prophet, in the name of the church and people of God, concerning the general depravity and corruption of the times in which he lived, Micah 7:1; then declares what he was determined to do for his relief in such circumstances, Micah 7:7; comforts himself and the church with a good hope and firm belief of its being otherwise and better with them, to the shame and confusion of their enemies that now rejoiced, though without just reason for it, Micah 7:8; with promises of deliverance, after a desolation of the land for some time, Micah 7:11; and with the answer returned to the prayers of the prophet, Micah 7:14; which would issue in the astonishment of the world, and their subjection to the church of God, Micah 7:16; and the chapter is concluded with admiration at the pardoning grace and mercy of God, and his faithfulness to his promises, Micah 7:18.