Introduction to Micah Chapter 5

This chapter begins with a prophecy of the siege of Jerusalem, Micah 5:1; and then follows another concerning the place of the Messiah's birth, Micah 5:2; and of the case of the Jews, either before or after it, Micah 5:3; and of Christ's office as a shepherd, and of his grandeur in the world, Micah 5:4; and of his being a peacemaker, and protector of his people from their enemies, Micah 5:5; and of his people, the great increase of them, and their usefulness, and also of their courage, strength, and prowess, Micah 5:7; likewise that the Lord will remove from them their vain confidence, and all occasion of it, and whatsoever illicit arts and practices were found among them; and all idolatry, and the instruments of it, Micah 5:10; and the chapter is concluded with a threatening of vengeance to the Heathens, Micah 5:15.