Introduction to Micah Chapter 1

This chapter treats of the judgments of God on Israel and Judah for their idolatry. It begins with the title of the whole book in which is given an account of the prophet, the time of his prophesying, and of the persons against whom he prophesied, Micah 1:1; next a preface to this chapter, requiring attention to what was about to be delivered, urged from the consideration of the awful appearance of God, which is represented as very grand and terrible, Micah 1:2; the cause of all which wrath that appeared in him was the transgression of Jacob; particularly their idolatry, as appears by the special mention of their idols and graven images in the account of their destruction, Micah 1:5; which destruction is exaggerated by the prophet's lamentation for it, Micah 1:8; and by the mourning of the inhabitants of the several places that should be involved in it, which are particularly mentioned, Micah 1:10.