Introduction to Jonah Chapter 1

This chapter gives an account of the call and mission of Jonah to go to Nineveh, and prophesy there, and the reason of it, Jonah 1:1; his disobedience to it, Jonah 1:3. God's resentment of it, by sending a storm into the sea, where he was, which terrified the mariners, and put the ship in danger of being lost, Jonah 1:4; The discovery of Jonah and his disobedience as the cause of the tempest, and how it was made, Jonah 1:6; The casting of him into the sea at his own motion, and with his own consent, though with great reluctance in the mariners, Jonah 1:11. The preparation of a fish for him, which swallowed him up, and in which he lived three days and three nights, Jonah 1:17.