Introduction to Amos Chapter 5

In this chapter the prophet exhorts Israel to hear his lamentation over them for their impending ruin, Amos 5:1; nevertheless to seek the Lord, and all that is good; to forsake their idols, and repent of their sins, in hopes of finding mercy, and living comfortably; or otherwise they must expect the wrath of God for their iniquities, especially their oppression of the poor, Amos 5:4; otherwise it would be a time of weeping and wailing, of darkness and distress, however they might harden or flatter themselves, or make a jest of it, Amos 5:16; for all their sacrifices and ceremonial worship would signify nothing, so long as they continued their idolatry with them Amos 5:21; and therefore should surely go into captivity, Amos 5:27.