Introduction to Amos Chapter 1

This chapter begins with the general title of the book, in which the author is described by name, and by his condition of life, and by his country, and the time of his prophecy fixed, Amos 1:1. He first foretells a drought in the land of Israel, in the most fruitful places, which would cause mourning among the shepherds, Amos 1:2; then the captivity of the Syrians, whose metropolis was Damascus, Amos 1:3. Next the destruction of the Philistines, whose principal cities were Gaza, Ashdod, Askelon, and Ekron, Amos 1:6. After that the ruin of Tyre, with the reason of it, Amos 1:9; then the calamities that should come upon Edom, whose chief places were Teman and Bozrah, Amos 1:11; and lastly the desolations of the Ammonites, whose metropolis, Rabbah, should be destroyed, and their king and princes go into captivity, Amos 1:13; and all this for the sins of each of these nations.