Introduction to Leviticus Chapter 21

This chapter respects the priests, the sons of Aaron, and forbids their mourning for the dead, unless in some cases, Leviticus 21:1; or their marriage with an whore or a divorced woman, Leviticus 21:7; and the daughters of any of them to commit fornication, which is made punishable with death, Leviticus 21:9; and it contains particular laws for the high priest to observe, who was not to mourn for any, even for his parents, Leviticus 21:10; nor to go out of the sanctuary, Leviticus 21:12; nor to marry any woman but a virgin, Leviticus 21:13; and it also directs, that none of the priests having any blemish in them should be employed in divine service, though they might eat of the holy things,

Leviticus 21:16.