Introduction to Daniel Chapter 4

This chapter was written by Nebuchadnezzar himself; and was either taken out of his archives, or given by him to Daniel, who under divine inspiration inserted it into this work of his; and a very useful instruction it contains, showing the sovereignty of God over the greatest kings and potentates of the earth, and this acknowledged by one of the proudest monarchs that ever lived upon it. It begins with a preface, saluting all nations, and declaring the greatness and power of God, Daniel 4:1 then follows the narrative of a dream the king dreamed, which troubled him; upon which he called for his wise men to interpret it, but in vain; at length he told it to Daniel, Daniel 4:4: the dream itself; which being told, astonished Daniel, the king being so much interested in it, Daniel 4:10, the interpretation of it, with Daniel's advice upon it, is in Daniel 4:20 the fulfilment of it, time and occasion thereof, Daniel 4:28. Nebuchadnezzar's restoration to his reason and kingdom, for which he praises God, Daniel 4:34.