Introduction to Ezekiel Chapter 7

This chapter contains a prophecy of the speedy destruction of the Jews, as being just at hand; of the particular judgments that should come upon them; of the horror that should seize them, and the distress that all ranks of men among them should be in, a few only escaping, who are described as in mournful circumstances. The destruction in general is denounced as being very near; the end being come, which is often repeated; and as it is represented as sudden, so without mercy; which is declared, Ezekiel 7:1; the particular judgments, sword, pestilence, and famine, are mentioned in Ezekiel 7:15, and the few that should escape are compared to mourning doves, Ezekiel 7:16; the trembling, horror, and shame that should be upon all, are intimated in Ezekiel 7:17; the unprofitableness of their gold and silver to deliver them, and the unsatisfying nature of these things, are expressed, Ezekiel 7:19; the profanation and destruction of their temple are prophesied of, Ezekiel 7:20; and for their murder, rapine, and oppression, it is threatened that their houses should be possessed by the worst of Heathens, and their holy places defiled; and one calamity should come upon another; when their application to prophets, priests, and ancient men for counsel, would be in, vain, Ezekiel 7:23; and king, prince, and people, should be in the most melancholy and distressed circumstances, Ezekiel 7:27.