Introduction to Ezekiel Chapter 5

This chapter is of the same argument with the former; and contains a type of Jerusalem's destruction; an explanation of that type; what were the reasons of God's judgments on that city; and the nature, rise, and end of them. The type is in Ezekiel 5:1; the explanation of that type is in Ezekiel 5:5; the reasons of the severe judgments threatened are changing the statutes of the Lord, and not walking in them, and defiling the sanctuary with their abominations, Ezekiel 5:6; an account of the judgments of God, answerable to each of the parts in the type, Ezekiel 5:12; the ends of these judgments are, with respect to God, the accomplishment of his anger, and the satisfaction of his justice; with respect to the Jews, bringing them to an acknowledgment that he had spoken in his zeal; and, with respect to the nations, their instruction and astonishment, Ezekiel 5:13; and the chapter is concluded with an assurance that these judgments would be sent, Ezekiel 5:16.