Introduction to Ezekiel Chapter 47

This chapter gives an account of the vision of the holy waters, and of the borders of the holy land, and the division of it to Israelites and strangers. The waters are described by the original and spring of them,

Ezekiel 47:1, by the progress and increase of them, Ezekiel 47:3, by the healing and quickening nature of them, and the places where they were so, and were not, Ezekiel 47:8, and by the trees which grew upon the banks of them, Ezekiel 47:6. The borders of the holy land are fixed, Ezekiel 47:13, the northern border, Ezekiel 47:15, the eastern border, Ezekiel 47:18, the southern, Ezekiel 47:19, and the western, Ezekiel 47:20, which is to be divided by lot to the tribes of Israel, and the strangers that sojourn among them, Ezekiel 47:21.