Introduction to Ezekiel Chapter 45

This chapter treats of the division of the land in future time, and the persons and uses for which it is to be made; one part being for the sanctuary, and the priests that serve in it, and for their houses for them to dwell in, Ezekiel 45:1, another for the Levites and their chambers, Ezekiel 45:5, and another for the city, for the Israelites in common, Ezekiel 45:6, and the last for the prince; and of the situation and extent of it, Ezekiel 45:7 and of the righteous administration of civil government in the time of the spiritual reign of Christ, in abstinence from violence and exactions, and doing justice, for which orders and directions are given, Ezekiel 45:9, then of the oblations of the people of the land, Ezekiel 45:13, and next of those that are to be prepared by the prince, Ezekiel 45:17, and the times of the offering of them, at the beginning of the year, on the feasts of the passover and tabernacles, Ezekiel 45:18, the rules for which are so different from the Mosaic law, as show the abrogation of that; and that all this is to be understood in a spiritual and evangelic sense.