Introduction to Ezekiel Chapter 43

The temple or house of God being measured, the worship of God in it is pointed out and observed in this and the following chapter; and which, though evangelical, is expressed in the language of the Old Testament. An account is given of the glory of the Lord returning to the house, and the way he did, and his taking possession of it, which the prophet was favoured with a view of, Ezekiel 43:1, a promise is made of his continuance there, provided his people behaved as they should,

Ezekiel 43:6, an order is given to the prophet, to show them the form and fashion, the laws, orders, and ordinances of the house to them, to be observed by them, Ezekiel 43:10, then follows the measuring of the altar of burnt offerings; which, though measured before in chapter forty, the dimensions are here given, Ezekiel 43:13, and the chapter is concluded with directions about the consecration of it,

Ezekiel 43:18.