Introduction to Ezekiel Chapter 41

In this chapter the divine and illustrious Person, the prophet's guide, brings him to the temple itself, and gives the dimensions of the posts and doors, both of the holy and the most holy place, Ezekiel 41:1, then of the wall of the house, its side chambers, the winding about to them, and the doors of them, Ezekiel 41:5, next of a building before the separate place, its doorposts, narrow windows, and galleries,

Ezekiel 41:12, after that each of the ornaments of the house are described, Ezekiel 41:18, then the altar of incense, Ezekiel 41:22, and the chapter is concluded with observing the decorations and lights on the doors, porch, and side chambers of the temple and sanctuary,

Ezekiel 41:23.