Introduction to Ezekiel Chapter 34

In the former chapter the prophet prophesies against the people of the Jews, both those of the captivity, and those who were not; and here against the shepherds of Israel. This he is bid to do, Ezekiel 34:1, whose cruelty to the flock, negligence and unfaithfulness are exposed,

Ezekiel 34:3, for which reasons they are threatened to be deprived of their office, Ezekiel 34:7, and the Lord promises to take the care of the flock upon himself, to seek out his sheep, and feed them, and do every kind office to them, Ezekiel 34:11 and then the strong of the flock, that oppressed the weak, are threatened with punishment,

Ezekiel 34:17 and the promise of the Messiah, as the shepherd of the flock, is made, under whom all prosperity and happiness might be expected,

Ezekiel 34:23.