Introduction to Ezekiel Chapter 30

This chapter is a continuation of the prophecy against Egypt, both against the country and the king of it. It is introduced with expressions of lamentation, because of the destruction coming on,

Ezekiel 30:1, and not only Egypt, and the cities thereof, should be destroyed, but all her friends, associates, and allies; the Ethiopians, Lydians, Lybians, and others, Ezekiel 30:4. Nebuchadnezzar and his army were to be the instruments of her ruin,

Ezekiel 30:10, particular cities are mentioned by name, which should suffer much, and become desolate, Ezekiel 30:13 and then Pharaoh king of Egypt himself is threatened with broken arms, and his people to be scattered among the nations, Ezekiel 30:20, and the king of Babylon is again mentioned, whose arms should be strengthened to do all this, Ezekiel 30:24.