Introduction to Ezekiel Chapter 27

This chapter contains a lamentation on Tyre; setting forth her former grandeur, riches, and commerce; her ruin and destruction; and the concern of others on that account. The prophet is bid to take up his lamentation concerning it, Ezekiel 27:1, observing her situation and magnificence, of which she boasted, Ezekiel 27:3, describing the excellency of her shipping and naval stores, Ezekiel 27:5, declaring who were her mariners, pilots, and caulkers, Ezekiel 27:8, her military men,

Ezekiel 27:10 her several merchants, and the things they traded in with her in her fairs and markets, Ezekiel 27:12, then follows an account of her destruction, Ezekiel 27:26, the lamentation of pilots and mariners because of it, Ezekiel 27:28, and of the kings and inhabitants of the isles, and merchants of the people, Ezekiel 27:33.