Introduction to Lamentations Chapter 4

The prophet begins this chapter with a complaint of the ill usage of the dear children of God, and precious sons of Zion, Lamentations 4:1; relates the dreadful effects of the famine during the siege of Jerusalem, Lamentations 4:3; the taking and destruction of that city he imputes to the wrath of God; and represents it as incredible to the kings and inhabitants of the earth, Lamentations 4:11; the causes of which were the sins of the prophets, priests, and people, Lamentations 4:13; expresses the vain hopes they once had, but now were given up entirely, their king being taken, Lamentations 4:17; and the chapter is concluded with a prophecy of the destruction of the Edomites, and of the return of the Jews from captivity, Lamentations 4:21.