Introduction to Jeremiah Chapter 36

This chapter gives an account of an impious action of King Jehoiakim's burning the roll of Jeremiah's prophecies read unto him, and the consequence of it. The order to write this roll, the time when, the contents and use of it, are in Jeremiah 36:1; the writing of it by Baruch, the order of the prophet to read it to the people on such a day, with the view he had in so doing, Jeremiah 36:4; the reading of it by Baruch to the people first, Jeremiah 36:8; then to the princes, being sent for by them, upon a report made to them, Jeremiah 36:11; the king being acquainted with it, Jehudi was sent to fetch the roll, who read it to the king, Jeremiah 36:16; who having heard part of it, burnt it, notwithstanding the intercession of some of his princes to the contrary, Jeremiah 36:22; and who also ordered the apprehension of Jeremiah and Baruch, who could not be found, Jeremiah 36:26; upon this a new roll is ordered to be written, Jeremiah 36:27; which was done with some additions to it, respecting the destruction of the land, and the people in it, by the Chaldeans; and particularly the death of the king, and his want of burial, Jeremiah 36:29.