Introduction to Song of Solomon Chapter 6

The discourse between the church and the daughters of Jerusalem is continued in this chapter: they inquire whither her beloved was gone, in order to seek him with her, Song of Solomon 6:1; she tells them where he was gone, and for what purpose he went thither, and what he was doing there; and claims and asserts her interest in him, Song of Solomon 6:2; Then follows a commendation of the church by Christ, who admires her beauty, and describes her by her eyes, hair, &c. Song of Solomon 6:4; and prefers her to all others; being a singular and choice one to him, and the praise of others, Song of Solomon 6:8; and next he gives an account of his going into his garden, and his design in it, and of what happened to him there, Song of Solomon 6:11. And the chapter is concluded with a charge to the Shulamite, to turn herself, that she might be looked upon; which occasions a question, to which an answer is returned, Song of Solomon 6:13.