Introduction to Song of Solomon Chapter 5

This chapter begins with Christ's answer to the church's request; in which he informs her, that he was come into his garden, as she desired, and gives an account of what he had done there; and kindly invites his dear friends to feast with him there, Song of Solomon 5:1; Then she relates her case and circumstances, which followed upon this, her sleepy frame, and ungrateful carriage to her beloved; which he resenting, withdrew from her, and this gave her sensible pain, Song of Solomon 5:2; what treatment she met with from the watchmen; her charge to the daughters of Jerusalem; and the questions they asked about her beloved, Song of Solomon 5:7; which put her upon giving a large description of him, by each of his parts, head, hair, &c. Song of Solomon 5:10; And the chapter is concluded with a general commendation of him and his loveliness, and a claim of interest in Song of Solomon 5:16.